Who I am

I’m Shirley, Homeschooling Mom of many ~ 8 here on earth and 2  residing in the Celestial City.  I live on a mini farm smack in the middle of the city with my husband, children and a variety of critters,  both feathered and furred.  I dream of organic farming and self-sufficiency but find myself at Whole Foods more often than not, buying all I dream of providing myself.  We drink raw goat milk, eat fresh eggs and harvest our orchard, but still feel a very poor steward of all I have, I’m a work in progress. I embrace a gentle approach to parenting, long for a home filled with warm inviting wood toys, knitted treasures and poetry books but find myself stepping on the extremely painful Lego and begging my phone not be used for yet another Angry Bird marathon.  I do not embrace violence although feel very strongly a good slap on the back of the noggen would do some a bunch of good.  I loathe formal organized religion and consider myself Child of God, striving to live a life glorifying our creator in every aspect of my life, again a work in progress, I have in no way arrived.  I love coffee,  anything flannel, Fall is my favorite season,  my last baby was born when I was 41 and I frequently feel out of my element in the “Young Super Mom ” world.  My 5 year plan includes road schooling our youngest as we travel America in Class A and finally getting my walk in closet organized.  I have 2 grand babies who I miss and don’t see as much as I would love, I’m a Military Mom who got that way kicking and screaming ~ I’m coming to terms :)   My children are my favorite singers and musicians and life is good.


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