An Artist in the Making

Since first starting my journey into Motherhood, I’ve always allowed my children to have access to the arts. Guitars, fiddles, paintbrushes, broken bits or chalk etc could always be found laying about our home. The result has been a good one, without threat or force each child has explored and found their talents. Sadly, Sammy has been somewhat deprived of these luxuries, mainly I believe because there is SO much stuff I’ve had to begin putting things away or put to storage. The business of life these days is also a hindrance. That being said, we decided today to beak out the tattered easel and let his inner artist have free rein.

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Feed a Fever, Starve a Cold

I’m not sure how hat old saying really goes or if it is even at all useful. I do know however, folks views of how to handle common ailments vary. For example, I’m a huge fan of rest. My close friends are laughing… It’s true. I believe the body can recover from a multitude of physical problems by just being at rest and pushing the water. My husband on the other hand believes the opposite: when the body is failing ya – push it right on through. men. That all being said, KT and I are snuggled in our comforters, I on my (new) iPhone and she on her lappy. Lazing through our sore throats and body aches while husband takes the Little Big Boy up to Donner Lake for some fresh air and ” pushing through”. My energy level was at an all time low so my motherly protests were nill.


I suppose they survived and it seems the fresh air did them some good. As for these over 40 bones?  Heating pad, KT’s homemade vegan cinnamon roll and my recliner are working out just fine 🙂
I’m going to push publish for this post, with a slight tinge of fear as this is the first time I will be remotely doing so from a mobile device.   Make peace not War.

Got Sand Bags?

Looking for a better sand bag and a better way of sandbagging your homestead?  Try Sand Bricks!!  These innovated new type of sand bag is clearly the right choice for homesteaders!  VERY easy to fill and even easier to lay down.  When our home flooded last year when the Arcade Creek backed up we were awestruck at how fast our sand bag (Sand Brick), wall went up.  They are easy to order online and come packed up in boxes for neat storage in your garage, barn or attic.

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