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literary. noun: travail

1.  painful or laborious effort.

“advice for those who wish to save great sorrow and travail”

synonyms: ordeal, trial, tribulation, trial and tribulation, trouble, hardship, privation, stress; More

drudgery, toil, slog, effort, exertion, labor, work, endeavor, sweat, struggle

“the travails of the migrant worker”

labor pains.

“a woman in travail”


verb: travail; 3rd person present: travails; past tense: travailed; past participle: travailed; gerund or present participle: travailing

1.engage in painful or laborious effort. (of a woman) be in labor.

Yes, there is a reason it is called such, and yet after the storm, here she is….

💗 Chloe Marin ~ 7.4 lbs  20 inches of squishy perfection.  

And she shall call me Mee Maw.

#fiveforme #grandbabies #chloelove #theycallmemeemaw #peace


Good-Bye for now, Granny Goose

Good-Bye for now, Granny Goose.

Good-Bye for now, Granny Goose

Content and Walking

It has been a little over 2 months since that night.  It was a Sunday, we watched the Superbowl that day, hoping for the Seahawks to win, but it really didn’t matter.  We sat and watched, waiting, crying, praying, knowing there were angels in our midst, preparing her way.Generation Hands Nurses and aides came in and our of her room, asking if there was anything they could do, anything they could get for us. There were some who shared our burden, as they had gotten to know her. They had come to understand the hole that would be left in our lives when she passed on. It had been hours since we had heard her sweet voice.  Hours since she stared into our eyes, loving us as we are and without holding anything back.  She loved us, we knew that. And she knew of our love for her…that is the way we live.  Always…

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Thrift Store Love

I’m so happy with my new pot! Doesn’t that sound funny? Well, I am. I was blessed the other day to enjoy a whole day out doing what I love ~ thrift store hopping/shopping. I usually have to be speedy, not this day, it was wonderful. I found a fantastic brand new pair of hockey gloves for the Little Big Boy for only 4 bucks! Yes, you can gasp!

Good company is also essential for a long day Thrifting, another plus this day, the company was fab and as hooked on bargains as I am! Who would love these educational deals?


I have been fortunate that if I wait patiently I will always find what I’m wanting and these were screaming my name last summer but could not part with the dollar they were asking but today ~ Tada ~ Two sets for less than a fiver? Yes please!

In addition I brought home 2 complete outfits, a candle holder and a few other things that really made my day ~ until next time, Happy Thrifting!

An Artist in the Making

Since first starting my journey into Motherhood, I’ve always allowed my children to have access to the arts. Guitars, fiddles, paintbrushes, broken bits or chalk etc could always be found laying about our home. The result has been a good one, without threat or force each child has explored and found their talents. Sadly, Sammy has been somewhat deprived of these luxuries, mainly I believe because there is SO much stuff I’ve had to begin putting things away or put to storage. The business of life these days is also a hindrance. That being said, we decided today to beak out the tattered easel and let his inner artist have free rein.

20140211-130054.jpg<br /






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