Five For Me 💗



literary. noun: travail

1.  painful or laborious effort.

“advice for those who wish to save great sorrow and travail”

synonyms: ordeal, trial, tribulation, trial and tribulation, trouble, hardship, privation, stress; More

drudgery, toil, slog, effort, exertion, labor, work, endeavor, sweat, struggle

“the travails of the migrant worker”

labor pains.

“a woman in travail”


verb: travail; 3rd person present: travails; past tense: travailed; past participle: travailed; gerund or present participle: travailing

1.engage in painful or laborious effort. (of a woman) be in labor.

Yes, there is a reason it is called such, and yet after the storm, here she is….

💗 Chloe Marin ~ 7.4 lbs  20 inches of squishy perfection.  

And she shall call me Mee Maw.

#fiveforme #grandbabies #chloelove #theycallmemeemaw #peace


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