Blogging a Dream?

Isn’t funny how we find ourselves drawn to Pinterest boards and various blogs that cover (in great detail mind you) all the things we dream of achieving or owning or being?  Do you ever wonder how close to reality most are?  How many loads of dog pooped doormats and throw up do their wonderfully pristine laundry rooms really launder?  Or exactly how many boxes of the “cheap” cereal they tried to get past their kids and how much  WAS skimmed off the “Rainy Day Fund” to GET that Pottery Barn bed set and matching picture for the baby’s room?  I do!  I had a blog once, a long time ago, that was visited by hundreds everyday, yes, I was wildly popular ~  I distinctly remember browsing through the blog with the intent of tweaking a few things here and there in the side bar, only to discover I was a fabulously interesting person!  Really!  What a beautiful setting I lived in!  What a diligent homemaker and mother I was!  And my CHILDREN!!  One word:  WOW.  It was then I began to look at blogs differently 🙂  I started to see sidebar “post it notes”  that said things like “Blog without Fear” and “FreeBlogger”, these are ones who usually “tell it all” and post loads of things I can relate to, don’t get me wrong;  I love beautiful blog pics as much as the next ~ but I wonder how much we aren’t seeing?

This is our piano:  right here, right now.  I love this pic ~ Don’t you?  Make ya want one no?  However in this instance, you’d have to also take this:

:)Truth be known, sweeping the floor is an assigned chore (twice daily) given to my children. 🙂

Only ONE of my closet friends knows what this “sweet spot” was the scene of  just moments before and let me tell you it wasn’t pretty ~ hint:  A four-year old, his strong will and that of his Mama’s.

I especially love these shots:

You know the ones!  Close up and sweet of all the children’s playthings strewn about, when really it’s just a big fat mess that you haven’t had the energy to sweep into a corner or battle the will of that four-year old again so soon!  Ha!  I just have to laugh, and after all this is vented errr I mean “said”  I will still scour  Blogland sighing and oogling over those Mom’s and ladies who have it all and have it all together, wondering why MY laundry room isn’t a regular on people’s Pinterest.

For now, I leave you with a bit of the Homestead, right here, right now:  The interpritation is up to you {{wink}}



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Leslie
    Nov 22, 2013 @ 01:38:59

    only 2 words: OOOOOOOOOOOHH MY!!!!!!!


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