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It’s officially the “New School Year” and now with the Fellowship Meeting behind us I can move forward with the “next thing”.   It seems sureal homeschooling the last couple of years, not much to do.  Being in the charter school I have become very hands off so to speak.  We have our “teacher” coming into our home and keeping the girls on course, assigning lessons and gathering items.  I have become a professional “sign on the dotted liner” and spectator.  I’m not complaining, it’s been years since I have had such a break.  Thinking back to out beginning it’s hard to believe we set out our little homeschool in 1992.  Schooling at home was unheard of where we were in the world and we met with our fair amount of opposition.  Funny how things change.  Most older folks I meet are very receptive of the idea and many have expressed to me that they themselves with  this option was offered in their “day”.

I thought I would list some of our all time faves that have sustained us through the years.  Keep in mind I’m thinking back over a lot of years…  Click on any of the pics to get a reference to item.

Great resource for    both boys AND girls!!

CurrClick.com - Curriculum in a click! Homeschooling resources, lapbooks, and afffordable curriculum

Enough said.

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